Research Department

Wellindia Group provides Research & Advisory on all the segments of the market namely Equity, Commodity and Currency.Wellindia Group has tied up with Investothon, a firm specialising in the art of providing Investment advisory to the clients. Investothon's experienced and dedicated team of research analysts are having divine experience in the financial markets for more than a decade. They give special focus on the risk reward ratio of the clients and provide you research calls in order to maximize the profits and cover the risk.


Equity is just another name for stocks. Investothon's team of researchers provide you with trading calls in equity market as and when they arrive. In today's world, if you rely on media advises, newspaper articles or business channels for your investing or trading decisions, you are asking for a painful experience in the stock market.
Whether you are a trader or an investor, Investothon's Research Calls will provide you with the necessary information you need for maximum profits and success in today's stock market. India's equity/share/stock market mostly comprises of two exchanges - Bombay Stock Exchange(BSE) and National Stock Exchange(NSE) on which you can buy/sell stocks.


Commodities Trade is the heart of WellIndia Group. Investothon's Commodities Advisory & Management and Asset Management services are informed and enriched by the market intelligence and analyses derived from Investothon's Research on Precious and Industrial Metals, Soft Commodities, power Markets, and commodities as an asset class. Commodity market in India is growing day by day. People from different field now-a-days do investment in this market. For trading in commodities, major exchange is Multi Commodity Exchange of India Ltd (MCX) & National Commodity and Derivative Exchange of India Ltd (NCDEX).These exchanges are basically defined as centers where future trade is organized in a wider sense among buyers and sellers. These exchanges actually get professionalism and transparency into commodity trading.

Following Are The Services Which We Provide To Our Clients

  • Messages services – where clients received trading calls via messages

  • Premium Services- here we personally guide our HNI clients via phone. Advice them to trade in which script they have to make positions and where to exit

  • Thorough the technical Research & Analysis of the market, we suggest our clients about the trend of the market on daily basis and possible movement that the market may take. The clients are free to take or not to take the position on the basis of advisory provided.